Here’s looking at you, Kid!


Happy 10th birthday to the coolest book blogger on the webs, Erik from This Kid Reviews Books!

Pretend that says Erik instead of Steve. Or, you can pretend your name is Steve.

So, not only is today Christmas Eve, and Erik‘s birthday, today is also the day that Erik nominated my little ol’ blog for a Liebster Blog Award. The Liebster Award is given from one blogger to another as a way for up and coming bloggers to get some exposure they may not otherwise get. (By the way, I learned from Erik over at that liebster means love or beloved in German. So he loves my blog! Which is pretty cool since I love his blog too. Seriously ya’ll, this kid is awesome.)

So, once you are nominated, there are rules you have to follow…

Rule number 1:  Post the award on your site, which I will be doing shortly. Look over to the right somewhere and you’ll see it (most likely, unless I haven’t posted it yet.). It’s also right up there… See it? Isn’t it pretty?

Rule number 2:  Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter in your blog.

Thank you, Erik!

Rule number 3:  Link back to the blogger who nominated you. In case you missed it, Erik, from nominated me.

Rule number 4:  Give your top 5 picks to receive the award.

Rule number 5:  Leave a comment on each of your top 5 picks blogs to let them know that they have been nominated.

Seeing as it’s almost three-thirty in the morning, I’m going to cheat and go to bed without nominating my top 5, but I promise I’ll be back tomorrow to fulfill my duty. Don’t forget to look for the final day of Bookmas tomorrow as well.

Happy Christmas fellow bookworms! And if you get any books for Christmas, comment and share them here!

3 thoughts on “Here’s looking at you, Kid!

  1. I had a rough few months where I wasn’t in the mood to do much of anything, including reading and blogging. But I was starting to feel the groove again when you nominated me and said such nice things. Now I’m excited about this blog again and have recaptured the feelings and plans I first had when I started it last year. So thank you again, not just for the nomination, but for being a fabulous 10 yr old kick in the pants. I mean, inspiration. 🙂

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