Let me count the days.

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Years ago, in my teens, I used to ask for a calendar for Christmas every single year. And I never got one! Ever. It was the same year after year; I asked for a calendar and when I was done opening my gifts Christmas morning, I was left with no way to mark the next 365 days until it was time to do it again.

This year I received 4 calendars for Christmas. I personally think one can never have too many calendars so I’m okay with it. Particularly when they are as awesome as my new calendars are.

Calendar No. 1:  Harry Potter. Basically, if you have to buy me a gift for any occasion, anything Harry Potter is a pretty safe bet. Any HP calendar automatically earns a place on my wall.

Calendar No. 2:  Big Bang Theory. Love love love love! If you are not familiar with the television show, The Big Bang Theory, well, you should be because it's awesome.

Calendar No. 3:  Animals that look like famous people. A cat that looks like Mother Theresa, (okay, that might be slightly blasphemous, but it’s super cute), a dog that looks like Mr. T… the list goes on and they are adorable. Even the creepy Lady Gaga cat that is December.

Calendar No. 4:  Last but certainly not least. This is the calendar that I specifically asked for. The Book Lover’s Page-A-Day Desk Calendar I can hardly wait until the start of the new year to start looking at it every day! I’ll be blogging some of the recommendations from the calendar as well as any of the books I have already read or plan to in the future.  I won’t allow myself to look forward since I like to be surprised every day when I look at a new page, but I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys!

What literary gifts did you receive for Christmas?

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