So many books, so little time.


So many books, so little time.

Have you ever had so many books you wanted to read that you couldn’t concentrate on even getting started on one?

I have started four books since the new year began and I haven’t even made it halfway through one. I read a bit of one and then I pick up another and read a little bit of it and then pick up another one. Ugh.

So far I have started A Midsummer Night’s Dream for my Shakespeare challenge, The Scarlet Letter, a collection of O. Henry short stories, and a memoir about the craziness of the Vanderbilt family.

I made a reading goal of 200 books this year and here it is the 8th of the month and I haven’t accomplished anything. Not a great start to the year. I’m getting a little frustrated. As soon as I start reading one book, I start thinking about the next one I need to read and I get nowhere.

Methinks I may need to revisit an old friend in order to get back into the groove. Now I just have to decide where I should go?

Hogwarts, Half-blood Hill, Panem, or Forks? (Again with the love/hate Twilight issues)

I’m really only including Twilight in the debate because they are fast reads. I could easily get all four books, five if you count the novella, read in just a couple of days. (Yes, I am justifying myself to myself on my own blog.)

So, I’m going to post a poll in a few so you all can vote on which world I should visit to get myself back in the mood to read. I appreciate the help since I am apparently unable to make my own choice at the moment; thanks in advance fellow bookworms!

3 thoughts on “So many books, so little time.

  1. wow 200 books for one year! You must be a fast reader or just have tons of time! My problem is that I don’t know which book I should read next. I’m not sure exactly what type of reading ‘mood’ I’m in. 🙂 Perhaps I should reread a few books too. Question: Do you count books you’ve read in the past in your 200 books?

    • I do read pretty fast. I can easily read a novel in a day or two. I do count re-reads towards my total number. I also count audio books. I figure if I invest the time it takes to read, even if I’ve already read it, or the hours it takes to listen to an audio book, then I’m going to count it.

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