Our daughter’s daughters will adore us…

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Well done, sister suffragettes!

I was watching Mary Poppins on abc family earlier and was reminded that I’ve always wanted to learn more about the women’s suffrage movement. And not just because Mrs. Banks sings such a catchy tune. (Though I will admit that it’s one of my favorite songs from the movie!)

A few weeks ago I came across some great vintage photographs of British and American Suffragettes on pinterest. I actually learned a bit about the movement by clicking through the pictures to the websites where they were originally featured.

I don’t typically do politics or religion on the internet but I will say that I’ve been baffled by the sudden resurgence of legislation against women. It has sparked my interest on the topic even more.

Today I did some research online to locate some books on the subject of suffrage and this one appears to be the most popular: Sisters: The Lives of America’s Suffragists. It has good reviews, though a few do say it reads like a history textbook. But, that doesn’t really bother me because I actually enjoy reading history textbooks.

Have any of you done any reading or studying on the suffrage movement? Are there any books you recommend, or maybe biographies on a particular women from the movement that you have enjoyed? I am always open to suggestions!

One thought on “Our daughter’s daughters will adore us…

  1. That’s funny. For a school project, I was reseaching the Women’s Rights Convention and found out about many similarities between the 16th president and Susan B. Anthony. They both believed in women’s rights to vote, and they didn’t believe in slavery (my topic was Lincoln).

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