Gone Girl

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Read Jan 4, 2013 – Apr 1, 2013
One Star


I want to love this book. Everyone I know that has read this book loves it. I however, cannot get through it to save my life.


I just don’t like either of the main characters. Therefore, I don’t really care what happens to either of them.


In the beginning of the story, I was hooked. It was exciting. Kind of like the relationship between the main characters. (I can’t even remember their names right now and I was just reading this a few days ago) Anyway, it was exciting, like their relationship was. Then, it died. Again, like their relationship.


The husband gripes and complains and resents the wife and then the wife gripes and complains and resents the husband and in the end, I just end up resenting them both.


I’ve read it about halfway through and I do hope to pick it up one day and finish it… but, it won’t be any time soon.