In which I tell the voice in the back of my mind to shut it.

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I just read a wonderful article on my cousin’s blog that kicked my butt all the way over here. (Check out The article is called Great Expectations and she talks about her own expectations for herself and some of the doubt that tends to creep in. This page has sat untouched for so long. I’ve written a thousand new posts in my head. I have even sat down and started a new post so many times. But I’ve never finished them, mainly because that voice says who wants to read this drivel?

I enjoy writing. Drivel or not. It gives me joy to put my thoughts down and put them out there for other to stumble across and maybe say, “I’ve felt that way” or to perhaps laugh at some of the random crap that pops into my head on a daily basis. But because of self-doubt I have stopped myself from doing something that gives me joy. Because of that nasty little voice in my head who loves to tell me I’m not good enough, I have forgotten that it doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks so.

I’ve accomplished some pretty good stuff in the past year. Things I thought I would never do. And I want to share them! I started this blog as primarily a place to post about the books I read but I miss blogging on a daily basis like I used to back 12 or 13 years ago. So bare with me here folks, I promise I will be reviewing my books, but I’m also going to begin using this space to put down my thoughts on life in general.

But for now I must get ready for work. It’s snack potluck day and my house smells like pineapple angel food cake deliciousness and as much as I’d like to sit here and write and smell the yum, I must get myself in gear. Happy Thursday, lovelies!

One thought on “In which I tell the voice in the back of my mind to shut it.

  1. Thanks, dear cousin! I didn’t even realize this was here until someone visited my page! What you have to say IS important. I heard once that everyone has a book locked up inside of them. For us writers, it’s more like five. 😉

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