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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic (I love alliteration!) is the top 10 things I have on my reading wish list. (if you could make authors write about these things you would. Could be a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a time period, a certain plot, etc.) The Broke and the Bookish

1. More fictionalized histories of obscure celebrities. Think Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin. She took a person that we all knew in abstract, Alice Liddell, the young girl that was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and told us a completely plausible, yet wholly fictional story, of her life. (She also did this with The Aviator’s Wife and The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb.)

2. Historical fiction set somewhere other than Regency era England. Specifically, historical fiction set in early America. A few years ago I read One Thousand White Women:  The Journals of May Dodd by Jim Fergus. It was so good! I practically devoured it and it was an idea, a perspective, that I had never read before. I’d love more stuff like that.

3. Books about people who love books. A mystery in a library that has be solved by the librarian… A love story starring a nerdy clerk in a bookshop… And not another swoony, teen, I love Mr Darcy book, please.

4. Authors who aren’t afraid to tell funny stories in funny ways. I love puns. Everything is better with a few bad puns thrown in. But good bad puns, not bad bad puns. You know? Think Janet Evanovich or Rick Riordan.

(this is hard!)

5. Give me more strong, female protagonists in YA with less angst. I hate angst. I know, it’s a necessary part of adolescence, but please, for the love of all things literary, give me a girl with some good sense and no whining.

6. More books set in the 1920s and 1930s. (and 1950s)

7. Jamie, from Perpetual Page Turner, suggests novels that change childhood figures.

“I don’t know if this makes me morbid or not but I’d really love to see a psycho Santa Claus who is a murderer or a Tooth Fairy that steals more than your teeth or Cupid falling in love with a human. ANYTHING.”

Fascinating. I’m all for a little morbidity now and again anyway. Someone write this!

8. More alternative history novels or novels that tell a story that runs concurrently with a huge historical event. Think The Book Thief or even Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

9. Someone give me the grown up story of Ramona Quimby!

10. And last, but certainly not least, I’m adding this one because it has always been a pet peeve of mine but it seems the be getting worse and worse, give me more books that are well-edited, that have all the words spelled correctly, and that uses actual words instead of made up words that don’t exist. (And I’m not talking about jokey, funny words, I mean please stop authors from using the word unthaw. Unthaw is not a word. If you unthaw something, you are FREEZING it.)

Well, that’s my list. Does anyone know of any books that might fit some of these? If so, please leave a note in the comment section and I’ll check them out. Happy reading, y’all!

Top Ten Tuesday (on Wednesday)



One of the book blogs that I read, The Broke and the Bookish, has a weekly list that they do called Top Ten Tuesday. It happens on Tuesday (usually) and it’s a top ten list of whatever their category for the week happens to be. Since one of my resolutions this year is to update this blog more often, I thought this was an appropriate week to begin participating in Top Ten Tuesday.

January 7 2014: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend)

* Blog more actively, more regularly, and better. I tend to write blog posts in my head while I am work or driving or at the grocery store but then I never seem to get around to actually writing and posting. I enjoy my blog when I use it, and while I don’t want it to start to feel like a chore, I need to do more things that I enjoy, hence, I shall blog.

* Finish unpacking. I bought my house and moved in June and I still have a room full of boxes that need to be unpacked. Most of my rooms have a half lived in feeling to them. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and then end up sitting on the couch in front of the television or with my nose in a book and just ignore the room’o’boxes.

* Grow my new business. I started a home business making wreaths and other handmade items and the wreaths have been extremely popular this Christmas. I want to expand my business beyond just local sales and build up my inventory for my etsy store and perhaps look into some consignment sales in a local shop.

* Read 104 books. That’s two a week for fifty-two weeks. I have read 200+ books in a year in the past but these last few years I’ve finished less than 100 each year. While it’s great that I’m doing more than just reading, I have an extremely long to-read list (not to mention the boxes of unread books in my back room waiting to be unpacked) that I would like to make a dent in this year.

* Budget budget budget. I did some research into different budgeting styles and found one that I think will work well for me so I am beginning my 2014 budget with the goal of saving money for my “emergency” fund as well as the possibility of new counter tops in the relatively near future.

Now I must get ready for work. I know this is only five items and not ten but the rules for Top Ten Tuesday do state that you can do less than ten if you want to and since I am now running behind schedule and I tend to break resolutions anyway, I think five is a good starting point.

Are any of you working on New Year’s Resolutions for 2014? Feel free to share in the comments!

And the Nominees Are…


Okay, I’m back to nominate my top 5 choices for Liebster Awards. This was a difficult process. I am not very good at blog reading anymore. I used to read a dozen or so blogs every day, or, every time they updated (which is not always the same thing). But over the years, the number of blogs I read on a regular basis has dwindled to just a handful.

1. Sew Bake Create is the creative blog of my friend Super Suz. She is wife to a cool dude, mom to two beautiful little girls, and superhero of the craft world. She bakes and decorates cakes, makes mosaics, sews, weaves, and the list goes on. She hasn’t updated in a few months but then, she’s a pretty busy lady. I’m hoping with this nomination she’ll get back on the blogging ball so to speak. Plus, I’m excited about my newest forays into craftiness lately and I definitely look to her for some inspiration.

2. The Literary Bunny is the nifty book blog by Christina. She has eclectic tastes in books and, much like me, loves all things book, including shopping! I haven’t been reading her long, just stumbled across her a few days ago as a matter of fact, but I’m enjoying her blog a great deal.

3. 101 Books is a blog of Robert Bruce’s journey as he reads all 100 of Time Magazine‘s greatest English-speaking novels since 1923 (plus Ulysses). Again, I haven’t been reading Robert’s blog very long but I’m enjoying it a lot. So many of the books Robert is reading are on my to-read list (and some have them have been there for a very long time!).

4. The Very Hungry Bookworm combines several of my favorite things: books, movies, and food. What more could you ask for? Again, I just stumbled across Lauren’s blog a few days ago and am loving it so far, but she hasn’t updated since October. She’s a high school teacher so I’m hoping she’s just taking a short hiatus due to the business of life (I have been known to do the same thing from time to time) and she’ll be back soon!

5. Books Without Any Pictures is the only blog (other than my first nomination) that I have been reading for longer than a week or two. I’ve been reading Grace’s blog for almost a year now. I’m planning to participate in a few reading challenges in 2012 that I’ve read about on her blog in the past couple of weeks. Her blog is definitely one to visit regularly!

Now I just need to add the award graphic to my page and I’m compliant with all 5 rules. Thanks again to Erik for nominating me!

And here’s hoping you all have had a Happy Christmas! (Check back later for the final day of Bookmas!)

**Just a note for the nominees, check my Here’s looking at you, Kid post for the rules, etc about the Liebster Award.

Here’s looking at you, Kid!


Happy 10th birthday to the coolest book blogger on the webs, Erik from This Kid Reviews Books!

Pretend that says Erik instead of Steve. Or, you can pretend your name is Steve.

So, not only is today Christmas Eve, and Erik‘s birthday, today is also the day that Erik nominated my little ol’ blog for a Liebster Blog Award. The Liebster Award is given from one blogger to another as a way for up and coming bloggers to get some exposure they may not otherwise get. (By the way, I learned from Erik over at that liebster means love or beloved in German. So he loves my blog! Which is pretty cool since I love his blog too. Seriously ya’ll, this kid is awesome.)

So, once you are nominated, there are rules you have to follow…

Rule number 1:  Post the award on your site, which I will be doing shortly. Look over to the right somewhere and you’ll see it (most likely, unless I haven’t posted it yet.). It’s also right up there… See it? Isn’t it pretty?

Rule number 2:  Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter in your blog.

Thank you, Erik!

Rule number 3:  Link back to the blogger who nominated you. In case you missed it, Erik, from nominated me.

Rule number 4:  Give your top 5 picks to receive the award.

Rule number 5:  Leave a comment on each of your top 5 picks blogs to let them know that they have been nominated.

Seeing as it’s almost three-thirty in the morning, I’m going to cheat and go to bed without nominating my top 5, but I promise I’ll be back tomorrow to fulfill my duty. Don’t forget to look for the final day of Bookmas tomorrow as well.

Happy Christmas fellow bookworms! And if you get any books for Christmas, comment and share them here!

Read Aloud Dad

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