DIY: Paint sample bookmarks


How About Orange: Paint Chip Bookmarks

I found this how-to on Pinterest originally. Here is a link to the blog that originally posted it: How About Orange. (It’s a great crafty blog)
I do want to note that I do not condone the willy-nilly taking of handfuls of paint chips from hardware and/or paint stores for crafting. The paint chips used in this project were left over from when the writer painted her guestroom. If you visit your local hardware and/or paint store, verify with an employee that the paint chips are free and then take only a few. No one needs handfuls of bookmarks right? (Though they do make great gifts for the readers in your life!)
Making these bookmarks is pretty simple. Just trim them to a size you like. You can round the edges as pictured, leave them straight, or you can use some scrapbooking pinking shears or edging punches to make a more decorative edge. I love using my fancy edging punches on the ones I make.
Paste two colors back-to-back with some glue or rubber cement so that your bookmark is pretty on both sides. Punch a hole in the top of the paint chips once the glue or rubber cement has dried and attach a string or ribbon. Ta-da! You have a colorful bookmark to hold your place. They’re also pretty sturdy since the cardstock that they are printed on is fairly sturdy and thick.
You can also decorate the bookmarks any way you’d like. You can write a favorite book quote with a Sharpie (make sure it is completely dry before you move it or put it in a book so it doesn’t smudge). You can use stickers to spice it up a little, or you can draw your own little illustrations on it. If you do use stickers, be careful of anything that is too thick or covered with glitter, etc.
So, make a few bookmarks, read a few books, and have a fabulous Thursday, bookworms!