New Moan: The Twishite Saga (A Parody)

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New Moan: The Twishite Saga (A Parody) by Stephfordy Mayo

“Heffa Lump is just a typical pale 17-year-old who doubts that anyone will ever see her true beauty and needs to grow up and get a life. Fortunately, the Spatula Academy of Fictional Excellence specializes in helping characters from kids’ books cross over into adult fiction. Unfortunately, she’s distracted from her attempts to leave adolescence behind when she meets Teddy Kelledy, an impossibly gorgeous boy who eats rare meat, is super-strong, and never goes out in daylight. Could he just maybe be a vampire? (Hint: totally.) Soon, Heffa finds herself harassed by supernatural forces on all sides: Will she be able to narrate herself out of danger? Will Teddy learn that being with a girl doesn’t always have to be about biting? And what will happen when the New Moan rises? A tale of first love, painful longing, and even more painful pointy teeth, New Moan is a hilarious parody of the phenomenon that is Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga.”

The book reminded me a teensy little bit of the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be but it was kind of funny. I preferred to read the book in small doses rather than reading long sections at one time because I got bored with it if I read it for too long. It made me laugh but not as much as I was hoping it would; and not as much as the reviews I had read indicated that it would. In the end, I ended up defending Twilight in my head while reading the book, even though I roll my eyes so much whenever I read Twilight that I end up with a migraine. It’s funny but not worth buying/owning in my opinion. It’s definitely in my to-be-donated box.

272 pages
Published June 24th 2010 by Michael O’Mara Books Ltd (first published 2009)
ISBN13: 9781843174844

2 stars