Salt, Lemons, Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Salt, Lemons, Vinegar and Baking Soda by Shea Zukowski

“Salt, lemons, vinegar, and baking soda are the all-you-need all-stars of the home. From personal hygiene and grooming to household cleaning and gardening, this powerful quartet has a long and storied history of usefulness that is also utterly modern and of-the-moment: green, cheap, and effective.

Beginning with a brief introduction to each of these amazing substances, this comprehensive book of household hints (useful indoors and out, for people and for pets) offers hundreds of smart solutions for better living. Combining one part science with one part practicality, and a dash of fun, this indispensable, earth-friendly reference is a must-have in any home.”

This is a great book to keep around the house. I’ve tried several of the tips with great results. A quick read to get through the whole book and then easy to use later when you want to look up a specific item. I keep it on my bookshelf so it’s always accessible if I want to look something up. A few of my particular favorite tips: gargle with salt water, use salt to clean your cutting board, use salt to absorb a spilled raw egg, using vinegar to clean mirrors and windows, and getting rid of ants with lemon juice.

But my absolutely favorite tip is how to get rid of soap suds in the sink after washing dishes. I hate hate hate it when the suds won’t go down the drain. I just keep rinsing and rinsing and of course the suds just keep growing because, well, that’s what soap suds do. So, you just sprinkle some salt on those suds and rinse and voila! they rinse right down the drain. Plus, if you rub it around with the sponge, it does double duty of cleaning the sink.

208 pages
Published September 18th, 2009 by Metro Books
ISBN13: 9781435116979

3 stars